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Travel table of content

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As most of people seems to like the traveling part of this blog and as I will have a lot more entries in that categori, I decided that it would be a good idea to make a table of content to make it easier to follow a particular travel. This post will be updated for each new Travel post and can be find anytime under the label "Travel content"
So here you go !!

Web site with a lot of information about those trips : "Seb Travelling"

America :

First night in Chicago

America : Kalamazoo
America : Walk in Chicago
America : China town in Chicago
America : Walk in Chicago and zoo
America : Glass museum at Navy Pier
America : Baha'i House of Worship
America : Sunny day in Chicago
America : Kansas State University campus
America : Konza Prairie

Centre Europe Tour Interrail 2005

Centre Europe Tour Interrail 2005 Introduction
Interrail 2005 : Lausanne
Interrail 2005 : Bern, Luzerne, Zurich
Interrail 2005 : München
Interrail 2005 : Salzburg
Interrail 2005 : Wien, part 1
Interrail 2005 : Wien, part 2
Interrail 2005 : Praha, part 1
Interrail 2005 : Praha, part 2
Interrail 2005 : Berlin, Postdam
Interrail 2005 : Berlin, part 1
Interrail 2005 : Berlin, part 2
Interrail 2005 : København
Interrail 2005 : Ålborg
Interrail 2005 : Bremen
Interrail 2005 : Frankfurt and more ...
Interrail 2005 : Strasbourg


Travel in China introduction
China : Dunhuang, My Dreamland
China: Qinghai Tour, Ta'er Lamasery
China: Qinghai Tour, Qutan Temple
China: Stopping in the rural area
China: Lake tour
China: Bingling temple
China: Bingling temple museums
China: Bingling temple sleeping Buddha
China: Xi'an, the drum tower
China: Xi'an, the bell tower
China: Xi'an, Muslim quarter
China: Xi'an Taoist temple
China: Xi'an, Big Wild Goose Pagoda
China: Xi'an, in the streets
China: Xi'an, another Taoist temple
China: Xi'an, the Small Wild Goose Pagoda
China: Xi'an, city wall
China: Xi'an, the Terracotta Warriors
China: Xi'an, the mausoleum of the Emperor
China: Beijing, Sanlitun village
China: Beijing, the forbidden city
China: Beijing, The Summer Palace
China: Beijng, The Great Wall 
China: Beijing, the Temple of Heaven

Europe tour Interail 2006 :

Europe tour Interail 2006 : Introduction
Europe tour Interail 2006 : Sunshine in Praha
Europe tour Interail 2006 : Košice
Europe tour Interail 2006 : Romania or train, train, train
Europe tour Interail 2006 : Budapest
Europe tour Interail 2006 : Bosnia and Herzegovina, amazing hospitality
Europe tour Interail 2006 : Pécs, back to Hungary
Europe tour Interail 2006 : Venezia, the water city
Europe tour Interail 2006 : The day when the Europe tour almost stop...
Europe tour Interail 2006 : Roma
Europe tour Interail 2006 : Ljubljana and the curious bridges
Europe tour Interail 2006 : Pula, bath in the adriatic sea
Europe tour Interail 2006 : České Budějovice, a colored city
Europe tour Interail 2006 : Bratislava and Brno
Europe tour Interail 2006 : Kraków and the dragon hunting
Europe tour Interail 2006 : End of the first part
Europe tour Interail 2006 : Göteborg, first day of rain
Europe tour Interail 2006 : Bergen, the first fjords
Europe tour Interail 2006 : Oslo, capital of Norway 
Europe tour Interail 2006 : Stockholm, capital of Sweden
Europe tour Interail 2006 : Turku, Tampere
Europe tour Interail 2006 : Going to Narvik 
Europe tour Interail 2006 : Narvik
Europe tour Interail 2006 : Back from Narvik
Europe tour Interail 2006 : Kuopio
Europe tour Interail 2006 : Helsinki
Europe tour Interail 2006 : Back in Stockholm
Europe tour Interail 2006 : One day in Denmark, Århus
Europe tour Interail 2006 : Amsterdam, end of the travel

England :

Physics : My second poster
Week-end in London part 1
Week-end in London part 2

France :

France : Rostrenen
France: Louvre Museum
France : Louvre Museum part 2
France : Rennes' streets
France: Rennes, Brittany's Parliament
France : Abbaye de Bon Repos
France : Carnac
France: Carhaix
France: Paris: Montmartre
France: Paris: Basilique du Sacré-Coeur
France: Paris: La tour Eiffel
France: Versaille: outside the castle
France: Versailles: inside the castle
France: Versailles: Petit Trianon
France: Versailles: Petit Trianon, have a look inside.
France: Versailles: Hameau de la reine
One evening in Korea: Seoul Tower and food. 
France: Rennes under sunshine
France: Country side by helicopter
France: Walk in Paris
France: Street of Nantes
France and Northern Ireland (Summer trip 2019):
Paris: Notre-Dame de Paris, Seine Cruise and the Abbey Bookshop, (with video)
Corsica: Bonifacio, (with video)

Germany :

Germany : Tourism evening in Dresden
Germany : Dresden by day time
Germany : Festung Königstein
Germany : Artistic Dresden
Germany : Walk in Heidelberg
Germany : Mountains in Heidelberg

Hong Kong and Macau :

Hong Kong, Macau: Introduction
Hong Kong, Landau Island : Mui Wo
Hong Kong, Landau island, Ngong Ping village
Hong Kong, Landau island, Big Buddha statue
Hong Kong, Landau island, Po Lin Monastery
Hong Kong, Aberdeen
Hong Kong, Illuminations on the avenue of stars
Hong Kong, Park and Hong Kong heritage museum
Hong Kong, 10000 Buddhas, part 2
Hong Kong, 10000 Buddhas, part 3   
Hong Kong, 10000 Buddhas, part 4
Hong Kong, 10000 Buddhas, part 5
Hong Kong, Tai Po Street Market
Hong Kong, Tai Po, Along the water
Hong Kong, Tai Po, insect house
Hong Kong, Tai Po, Waterfront park
Hong Kong, Tai Po, official market
Hong Kong, On the way to Lamma island
Hong Kong, Lamma Island harbor
Hong Kong, Lamma Island, From Yung Shue Wan to Sok Kwu Wan part 1
Hong Kong, Lamma Island, From Yung Shue Wan to Sok Kwu Wan part 2
Hong Kong, Lamma Island, From Yung Shue Wan to Sok Kwu Wan part 3
Hong Kong, Lamma Island, From Yung Shue Wan to Sok Kwu Wan part 4
A day in Macau, part 1
A day in Macau part 2
A day in Macau part 3
A day in Macau part 4
A day in Macau part 5
A day in Macau part 6
A day in Macau part 7
A day in Macau part 8
A day in Macau part 9 and end
Hong Kong: Nathan Street
Hong Kong: Last evening in Hong Kong

Iceland :

Back from Iceland
Iceland : The Blue Lagoon
Iceland : Þingvellir
Iceland : Geysir
Iceland : Gulfoss
Iceland : On the way to Vik
Iceland : Vik
Iceland : Vatnajökull, Svartifoss and Skaftafell
Iceland : Jökulsárlón
Iceland : the way to Höfn
Iceland : fjords, fishermen, waterfalls
Iceland : Dettifoss, Ásbyrgi
Iceland : Whales, Mývatn
Iceland : Goðafoss, Akureyri
Iceland : North coast
Iceland : the way to Ísafjörður
Iceland : Dynjandi, North-West
Iceland : Snaefellsjökull, Grábrók, Hraunfossar
Iceland : Glymur, Reykjavík, the end.

Ireland :

Ireland: Dunluce castle
First Conference and Giant Causeway
Ireland : Cavehill (Belfast)
Ireland : Hollywood
Ireland : The North Coast
Ireland : Peninsula
Travel in Republic of Ireland : Introduction
Travel in Republic of Ireland : Not yet
Travel in Republic of Ireland : Sligo–Mayo
Travel in Republic of Ireland : Achill Island
Travel in Republic of Ireland : From Achill Island to Connemara 
Travel in Republic of Ireland : Connemara, Galway and end
Ireland : Mount Stewart
Ireland : cathedral St Patrick and Inch Abbey
Ireland : American folk park
Ireland : Beaghmore stones circles
Ireland : Irish dance
Ireland : Dunluce castle
Ireland: Belfast murals
Ireland: Giant Causeway 
Ireland: Belfast's architecture
Ireland: Cavehill

Japan :

Japan : My first (part 1)
Japan : My first (part 2)
Japan : Sakura trees are Japan soul
Japan : 深大寺 and 神代植物公園
Japan : Okonomiyaki
Japan : Trip to Nikko, part 1 climbing
Japan : Trip to 日光市, part 2 water fall
Japan : Trip to 日光市, part 3 : park
Japan : Trip to 日光市, part 4 : temples and end
Japan : お台場 and 船の科学館 (Odaiba and the museum of maritime science)
Japan : Fish market
Japan : 浜離宮恩賜庭園 (Hamarikyu Gardens)
Japan : Asakusa's Sanja Matsuri festival
Japan : Thai festival
Japan : お台場 and 未来館
Japan : FujiQ High Land
Japan : 鼓遊
Japan : しながわ水族館
Japan : 富士山
Japan : 江の島
Japan : 調布市、ゲゲゲの鬼太郎
Japan : Disney Sea
Japan : 高尾山
Japan : Trick Art museum

Japan : Trip to Kansai introduction
Japan : Trip to Kansai 大坂城
Japan : Trip to Kansai 海遊館
Japan : Trip to Kansai, 奈良市, the deers
Japan : Trip to Kansai, 奈良市 : 大仏殿
Japan : Trip to Kansai, 京都, little incident
Japan : Trip to Kansai, 京都, 西京区
Japan : Trip to Kansai, 京都, 京都タワ and end
New Year's Eve in Yokohama
Japan : 猪苗代スキー場
Screening of "Tilaï"
Earthquake in Japan : My own experience
Sakura week-end
Japan : 石神井公園
Japan : 調布のよさこいお祭り
Japan : barbecue in 武蔵野公園
Japan : 江の島 once again, part 1
Japan : Photo expo and 原宿 by night
Japan : 江の島 once again, part 2
Japan : 焼肉
Japan : 生け花
Japan : 神代植物公園の薔薇と温室
Japan : UEC International day
Japan : Vietnam day
Japan : お台場 by night
Japan : on the way to 鎌倉 tiny stop to 江の島
Japan : 鎌倉大仏
Japan : 鎌倉 鶴岡八幡宮
Japan : 鎌倉 明月院
Japan : 札幌 walk in the evening
Japan : 札幌 Genghis Khan
Japan : 札幌 north part of the campus and end
Japan : 井の頭公園
Japan : 船の科学館
Japan : 東京国立博物館
Japan : 富山、滑川の蛍烏賊博物館
Japan : 富山城
Japan : 富山, walk along the river
Japan : 富山, more statues
Japan : 江戸東京たてもの園: 西ゾーン
Japan : 江戸東京たてもの園: センターゾーン
Japan : 江戸東京たてもの園: 東ゾーン
Japan : お台場のよさこいお祭り
One day adventure series : 高尾山
One day adventure series : 箱根
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !! Part 1
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !! Part 2
北海道の雪祭り (Snow festivals in Hokkaido) : Introduction
北海道の雪祭り (Snow festivals in Hokkaido) : 札幌の大通
北海道の雪祭り (Snow festivals in Hokkaido) : 札幌のすすきの
北海道の雪祭り (Snow festivals in Hokkaido) : 旭川動物園
北海道の雪祭り (Snow festivals in Hokkaido) : 旭川の雪祭り 氷
北海道の雪祭り (Snow festivals in Hokkaido) : 旭川の雪祭り 雪
北海道の雪祭り (Snow festivals in Hokkaido) : random walk in 札幌
北海道の雪祭り (Snow festivals in Hokkaido) : 小樽の午後
北海道の雪祭り (Snow festivals in Hokkaido) : 小樽の夜
北海道の雪祭り (Snow festivals in Hokkaido) : Coming back
Japan : one day trip to 川越
Let's eat !! Insects...
Japan : 調布飛行場
Japan : old mill in Chofu
Japan : Chofu's observatory
Japan, 京都 and 大阪 : part 1, random walk in 京都
Japan, 京都 and 大阪 : part 2, bamboo street
Japan, 京都 and 大阪 : part 3 大阪's harbor
Japan, 京都 and 大阪 : part 4 金閣寺
Japan, 京都 and 大阪 : part 5 龍安寺
Japan, 京都 and 大阪 : part 6 仁和寺 and end
Japan : 花見イルミネーション
Japan : 花見
Japan : Visit of JAXA
Japan : 羊山公園
Japan : 長瀞川
Japan : Back to Asakusa
Japan : Japanese traditional music
Japan : 目黒寄生虫館
Japan: 浅草橋祭り
Japan: Snow in Sendai
Japan 上野動物公園
Japan : 富山、宇奈月
Japan : 富山、魚津
Japan : 江の島, 鷹と鷲
Japan: a little bit more about 江の島

Universal Studio Japan, part 1
Universal Studio Japan, part 2
Universal Studio Japan, part 3
Universal Studio Japan, part 4 and end.

Japan: Akihabara's Owl Cafe

Imperial palace or doll hunt, you choose! (with video)

Vlog #67 Hitsujiyama and Muse park in Chichibu (Includes doll pictures) with video
Vlog #68 Day Trip To Nagano: Orchard and Onsen (with video)
Lockheart Castle and Gallery Vlog in Gunma
Otaru Vlog at the Otaru Canal (with video)
Otaru Vlog up to Mount Tengu (with video)

Japan: Flying to Okinawa
Japan, Okinawa: Arrival in Naha
Japan, Okinawa: Let's start diving
Japan, Okinawa: First time under the sea... at fish depth
Japan, Okinawa: The Gorilla chop
Japan, Okinawa: Christmas dive and ear pain
Japan, Okinawa: Aquarium
Japan, Okinawa: Iriomote island
Japan, Okinawa: Yubu island
Japan, Okinawa: Iriomote island's jungle
Japan, Okinawa: kayak tour in the mangrove
Japan, Okinawa: Hoshizuna no Hama
Japan, Okinawa: Cruise on the Urauchi river
Japan, Okinawa: Ishigaki's caves
Japan, Okinawa: Pineapple park
Japan, Okinawa: Back to diving
Japan, Okinawa: Shuri castle
Japan, Okinawa: Last day in Okinawa

Korea : 

Korea : introduction
Korea, Seoul : 한강시민공원
Korea, Seoul : 반포대교
Korea, Seoul : 종묘
Korea, Seoul : 창덕궁
Korea, Seoul : 비원
Korea, Seoul : 경복궁
Korea, Seoul : National Folk museum of Korea
Korea, Seoul : 광화문 and 세종로 museum
Korea, Daejeon : First evening
Korea, Daejeon : 둔산선사유적지
Korea, Daejeon : 한밧수목원
Korea, Daejeon : Expo park
Korea, the way to Mokpo
Korea, ferry to 제주 island
Korea, Jeju island : 만장굴
Korea, Jeju island : 태왕사신기
Korea, Jeju island : 성산 일출봉
Korea, Jeju island : Jeju Folk Village museum
Korea, Jeju island 大長今 and other dramas
Korea, Jeju : Xu Fu gallery
Korea, Jeju : 정방폭포
Korea, Jeju island : 외돌개
Korea : On the way to Busan
Korea, Busan : 해운대 beach
Korea, Busan : 독백섬
Korea, Busan : night view and 관간 bridge
Korea, Busan : 해동 용궁사
Korea, Gyeongju : 불국사
Korea, Gyeongju : 석굴암 grotto
Korea, Gyeongju : Night view
Korea, Gyeongju : 양동 마을
Korea, Gyeongju : museum and traditional wedding
Korea : the way back to Seoul
Korea Bonus : Food !!!

One evening in Korea: Seoul Tower and food. 

Peru :

Peru : First day in Lima
Peru : Paracas
Peru : Ballestas Islands
Peru : Nazca
Peru : Arequipa
Peru : Colca Canyon
Peru : Puno
Peru : Cuzco
Peru : Road to Machu Pichu
Peru : Machu Pichu
Peru : Cuzco's archeological sites
Peru : Back to Lima
Peru : Last day in Peru

Taiwan :

2 weeks in Taiwan : Introduction, arrival
2 weeks in Taiwan : Chiang Kai Shek and Liberty Square
2 weeks in Taiwan : Global warming exposition and National University
2 weeks in Taiwan : Taipei 101
2 weeks in Taiwan : 烏來
2 weeks in Taiwan : 淡水
2 weeks in Taiwan : 龍山寺
2 weeks in Taiwan : old Taipei
2 weeks in Taiwan : 宜蘭市
2 weeks in Taiwan : 花蓮市
2 weeks in Taiwan : 貓空纜車
2 weeks in Taiwan : Artistic Taipei
2 weeks in Taiwan : evening walk on 淡水河
2 weeks in Taiwan : 陽明山國家公園
2 weeks in Taiwan : Flora expo


  1. Wow! You have had such wonderful adventures, all over the world! Writing books too - quite marvellous, Linda. :D

  2. Wow! You have had such wonderful adventures, all over the world! Writing books too - quite marvellous, Linda. :D