Sunday, February 14, 2010

Peru : Paracas

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The next day we took our little bus again to go to the "bus station" I would more say the "bus man" in fact, to take our big bus to Paracas. We were planing to go there visit the Ballestas islands and continue our trip further south.
The bus was driving along the panamerica road and we get down at the crossing with the road leading to Paracas. We were supposed to wait for a taxi to come but nothing seemed to arrive so we decided to walk to Paracas and do some hitch-hiking. We were finally taken in by a little van which lead us to Paracas and the people started to give us information about hotels and same when we arrived there. The only thing we wanted to do was to take the boat to the Ballestas islands so we went straight to the harbour. Unfortunately the visits had already finished for the day, the boats only going to the islands in the morning. But the man there had a dormitory where we could spend the night to go to the island the next morning with the first boat.
That's what we did. And we spend the rest of the day walking in the little village of Paracas and eating the local delicacy (More Cebiche)

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