Friday, February 12, 2010

Peru : First day in Lima

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We arrived in Lima early morning and decided to take the bus from the airport to the flat of our friend from couch surfing.
At first it looked really strange, no bus stop, bus real buses, just little vans coming to the street and a man going out at their door yelling where it is going. Also taxi driver telling us that we are in a very dangerous place (which is not true).
But we know the number of our bus and manage to get it. The bus smells incense and that's funny to see the man at the door at work. Sébastien spend half of the way talking with the bus driver. After about one hour driving we are left near a big round about and just have to walk to get to our friend's house.
That's really cool there and it's really nice to take a shower. After that we go to visit the city center and the historic part of Lima and we try our first meal of Peruvian food, that is Cebiche, raw fish in a lemon sauce, delicious.
In the afternoon we go sight-seeing in the city with an other friend Sébastien met on internet. We spend some time in the most touristic part of the city Miraflores and we see the Pacific Ocean.
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