Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm in Japan

En français
I took the plane from Belfast to London then from London to Roma then from Roma to Tokyo and I arrived yesterday in Japan.
It was a pretty long trip and a bit tiring as well.
When I arrived I discovered my office, my new flat and the area around the university. My flat is so close to my office, that's really amazing, I've never been anywhere where I was so close. Unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to fine anything that close when Sebastien is going to join me. It's way too small for the two of us. It's also really close to a shopping centre and to the bus/train station.

Here, everything is new to me and I'm struggling a bit to get anything I need.
Hopefully that won't last too long and I'll soon be in a daily routine to be able to get back to normal activities.
I am extremely grateful to Heisig and anki for giving me the knowledge of about 1000 kanjis so far that have proven itself extremely useful.
When I got down from the bus I got a bit lost. I was sleeping all the way, and not really awake when I got down. Hopefully someone told me to take some escalators and there I found some map putting me on my way, all in Japanese of course.
I started to read Harry Potter in Japanese last night. I think I'm going to know all the katakana and review all my hiragana that way in no time. Some kanjis are also writen with furigana so I'll also learn the pronunciation that way. I feel like it's way easier for me to communicate if I write some kanjis than if I speak.
Then I slept all day. I'm a lot jet lagged and feel a bit like an owl. I haven't seen anything by day time yet.
I really need to be able to communicate at least for daily use as soon as possible.
I went to the shop and I couldn't read most of the things written on the products. That's really frustrating. I still managed to go around find and to get what I needed. But then I couldn't understand what people were telling me when I needed to pay. I was probably looking like an idiot.
Hopefully tomorrow someone is going to help me with administrative stuffs so that will soon get better.
When I got myself a camera, I'm thinking about starting a new blog about my life in Japan.


  1. Glad to know you're in Japan now! Haven't seen u on msn for a long time, had been wondering how u are. So it's good to know u r in Japan already :- )Yeah, I found out it's easier for me to communicate with Japanese with kangi sometimes. All the best for ur life in Japan! when will Sab join u?

  2. Seb will arrive in about three months. You'll have to wait for me to write to you in Japanese I'm struggling a lot at the moment.

  3. I'll need to review my Japanese then. It's quite a change for u as this is ur first time in Asia. It might take a period of time to adapt urself to the new life. Take it easy and I hope you enjoy ur life here in Asia. You are welcome to visit my country too:-)

  4. I'm completely shifted, I'm sleepy during the day and go out at night like a owl, that's kind of funny. I probably look like a crazy person.
    I'll see to come visit you when i have some holidays.

  5. That will be great if you can come!It's only few hours flight. I can show u around. Have u started working yet? How's life there? I think the best way to overcome jet lag is following the local time. Otherwise, it takes longer to adjust urself.

  6. I started working on Monday. I have a great project, quite challenging so I'm happy.
    Live is fine too. I met people in the residence they are nice. They had a Takoyaki party for me last Monday. I'll probably go ice skating with them on Sunday.
    I'm not jet lagged anymore, just a bit tired.
    I have a friend coming from Osaka tonight. That should be lots of fun.

  7. That's great! It looks like you adjust ur new life in Tokaya quite well. I am glad u made some new friends already!

  8. I'm like a snail, I can adjust anywhere. :P