Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cooking : Surprise "de la mer" and Sweet surprise

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Yesterday evening I created this new recipes. It consisted of a sort of bread with stuffing inside.

What you need for 2 persons :

For the bread :
A bit of oil

For the stuffing of the Surprise "de la mer":
Tomato sliced
Courgette slices
Bechamel with mixed tuna
One slice of smocked salmon
Two crab sticks
For the stuffing of the Sweet surprise:

Strawberry jam
One banana sliced
One clementine

Preparation :

Bread :

-Pour some flour in a bowl and make a hole in the middle.
-Add water progressively while mixing, until you obtain a bowl not too sticky.
-You can add more flour as well if needed, the mix should not stick to your hands.
-Open the ball in two and add some oil mix to make the oil penetrate until you obtain
something smooth.
- Cut into four part and flatten each of them with a rolling-pin
Surprise "de la mer" :

-Take one of the flatten bread.
-Place half of the tomatoes slices in the middle.
-Place half of the courgette slices on the top of the tomatoes.
-Place the salmon on the top.
-Add some of the tuna bechamel on the top.
-Add the pieces of one crab stick.
-Close the bread by bringing the side on the top to form a sort of ball.
-Do the same with one of the other flatten bread.

Sweet surprise :

-Take one of the flatten bread.
-Spread a spoonful of jam on the surface.
-Put half of the banana's slices in the middle.
-Put half of the pieces of the clementine with them.
-Close up to form a ball

Put some oil in a dish and put the balls in it.
Put them in the oven until the bread starts browning.
Serve hot.

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