Monday, April 26, 2010

Japan : 深大寺 and 神代植物公園

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This week-end I went to the 深大寺 and 神代植物公園 with some friends. That wasn't the first time that I went to this temple. The first time was few weeks ago during the festival with my supervisor. I also went once or twice on my own but with the other that's a lot funnier. We first has delicious soba noodles at one of the temple restaurants. Then we walk around the temple and went to the botanic garden. That was my first time in the botanic garden. I think I will have to go back there when the roses are actually blooming. But the green house was interesting. I took to many picture of flowers.
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  1. That blue flower(?) was very special. Have never seen it before.

  2. That was a first for me too.

  3. oThat blue flower is gorgeous!
    And your food looks so goooddd!!!