Thursday, May 16, 2013

Japan : 富山、魚津

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Here is the first post about the trip to 富山 over golden week. The following day we first took the トロッコ、it's an old train which took us in the mountains around 宇奈月. I really enjoyed that trip even though I had a terrible upper back ache from waking up in the morning, we even saw a monkey. We then wanted to go to a sushi restaurant in 魚津 however it was really far from the station and when we arrived the restaurant had even disappeared. I felt like I couldn't walk anymore with my back pack and instead of heading to the restaurant we went to the hospital. I discovered that I had bleeding muscles and the doctor gave me local anesthesia. I was a bit better so we mover to the next city to the sushi restaurant. It was really delicious and the cooks were just in front of us. But it was also very busy and they tend to forget our orders. We went back to 魚津 and walked to the sea to try to see 蛍烏賊 but there were none, probably because we were far from the full moon period. I guess I'll have to go back another time.
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