Thursday, July 22, 2010

Japan : 富士山

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Last Friday night we went to 富士山 to climb it. The goal was to climb it during the night to be able to reach the top before the sunrise.

We were divided in 2 groups and some people in the second group reached the top before some people of the first group, including me, that was really impressive. I think I had some kind of mountain sickness at least that's what one of my friend told me.

At first I was climbing with the leading group, we were going up really fast but that was fine. Then suddenly I couldn't breath anymore, like if my chest was oppressed by something big. I don't know, so I had to take more frequent breaks and I finally decided to tell the people climbing without me not to wait for me. I was always caught up by people I knew who I would let go to climb on my own.

I think that went people are just around trying to help me and asking me if I need something it is way easier for me to give up than if I am on my own with no other choice than climbing. I really liked them being nice, just maybe I'm kind of a solitary warrior anyway. Also being alone was allowing me to walk at my own broken and disturbing rhythm.

So at the end every body made it to the top. The last 400 meters were hell. We had to partially climb like monkeys. I think we were lucky that despite the cold it was still sunny, we saw rain only at the very beginning. I can't imagine what it would have been like in the rain. But as a result we had sunburns. I didn't expect needing sun cream, next time I'll know I suppose.

We climbed down on the Saturday morning, the going down was hopefully faster. I can say that we were all sleeping in the bus back.
Some people say they wouldn't do it again but I think I would if I have the opportunity. Extreme sport once in a while clean your body and mind.

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