Friday, July 23, 2010

Demon and fairy part 5

So here is a new part of "Demon and fairy". I'm a bit behind on my words count but not too much I should be at 37,097 words by midnight tonight and so far I'm at 32833. Nothing unsurmountable really. Especially when you know that I finally find the solution to the thing that was getting on my nerves for days (weeks?) at work. That will help me relax and be able to concentrate fully on my writing during the week-end.
I still love this story even though Seti doesn't want to do what I want him too. That happens sometimes with character. He is maybe tired of having me on his back all the time. That's what I get for having a reincarnation of a god of Chaos as main character I suppose.
Well I brought some more demons in the story, you already know Sahel from Demon Soul and Evalynn who appears in there very briefly but I have a new one. He is a bit...hum... how could I say... well you will see by yourself.
Here is the story.
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