Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Interrail 2005 : Wien, part 1

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We arrived early morning in Wien Westbahnof. The night was also hard and after walking all day long the day before, we were beginning to feel tired. We first started with a breakfast in the train station, tried to find a ticket to go to Praha tomorrow and tried to find a place to stay.
And here big problem, I was asking different persons for the ticket to Praha and everything was too expensive, I asked for a camping and nobody answered or just said that there is no camping in Wien and just wanted us to go to an hotel. I was beginning to think that I wasn't able to speak German anymore.
So we decided to go to the Sudbahnhof as that's where the train left to go to Praha anyway (that's a bit weird, I know). And there, it's a miracle, the travel to Praha will only cost us 25 euros, there the people were also much nicer and wanted to help, we asked where to find a camping and the girl send us to the information desk where they gave us, a list of camping and a map of the city. (How is that possible as there was previously no camping in Wien, very, very strange.) I probably learned my German back on the way to Sudbahnhof !!!
So we decided to go to the cheapest camping not too far from the train station, that is further south. We had to take buses and train, but that is amazing in Wien, no streets without a bus stop.
We took a 24 hours ticket, that was indeed very usefull.
In the camping, we slept, took a shower and went to buy some food, then we decided to go visit the Schönbrunn castle, Sissi's castle, first we went through the park when unfortunately no more batteries for the camera, so we went back to the camping, and back to Schönbrunn, that was a bit annoying.
After going through the park we discovered Gloriette, Schönbrunn castle, the Garden and the Orangerie.
We couldn't go to the castle as it was closed but walked in the garden and saw the statues.
Then we went back to the camping to have dinner and a good night sleep. We really needed that to survive the following day.

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