Sunday, April 20, 2008

Amigurumi Carotte, tutorial two ways to begin

En français
There are two ways to begin to knit you can start with a chain or with and amigurumi ring depending to your needs.
When using a chain you there is a hole remaining, that good if you want to put something there like a teddy bear eye for example.
When using an amigurumi ring, there is no hole, that's the one I always use for the different parts of Carotte.

1) Start with a chain :
First put the yarn around your thumb as in the first picture.
Pull the yarn through the hole to form the first part of the chain (picture 2).
Put the yarn on the hook and pull it through the chain, you will obtain a chain of length 2, be careful not to flip it.
Then you will work your first row in the second chain from the hook, that is the first you've made.

2 ) Amigurumi ring :
With a piece of yarn, make a ring, be careful to have it long enough
Pull the yarn through the ring with the hook making sure you leave a tail, that's the first chain. Put the yarn on the hook and pull throught the first chain to attach the yarn to the ring. (picture 2)
Then you will start your first row.
At the end of the first row pull both side of the amigurumi ring and knot firmly so that it stay fixe.

Don't hesitate to ask question if I'm not clear enough.


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