Friday, February 17, 2012

北海道の雪祭り (Snow festivals in Hokkaido) : 旭川動物園

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The next day I got up early to go to 旭川 it takes almost two hours by train to get there. The thing I liked in 北海道 is that no matter where I wanted to go, I didn't have to transit. I took a direct train to 旭川駅。Then I was a bit lost arrived there, I needed to find the bus stop number 5 to get to the zoo, but I didn't want to go wondering too much out of the station in the wrong direction in the snow. Hopefully the Japanese tourist information was really helpful, the woman there gave me a time table of the bus departure to the zoo and to come back and showed me exactly where the bus station was. It was funny to speak in Japanese when she was answering in English to me. I took the bus to the zoo, it takes about 40 minutes to get there. It was starting to snow while we were waiting. A lot of people had decided to go to the zoo too. 旭川動物園 is one of the most famous zoo in Japan, it's not very big but it has winter animals such as polar bear, penguins and an arctic fox. And the very special penguin walk activity. My camera's battery got frozen during this but I still managed to get awesome pictures.
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Polar bear playing
Polar bear
Arctic fox
One of the wolves
Penguin walk
Penguin walk 2

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