Friday, April 18, 2008

Interrail 2005 : Salzburg

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After a disturbed night, we woke up early to prepare our depart to Austria. It was still raining so we had some difficulty with the tent. After breakfast we bought some survival "ponchos" that will protect us and our staff from the rain a lot during the rest of the trip.
We finally arrived in Mozart's city, Salzburg. We first looked for the usual informations, that is what we have to see. That's a bit difficult so we took a picture of the map to be sure not to get lost, but we finally find a tourist map. So we begun what we call a number race, that is look at everything that is described on the map with a number.
We visited the Mirabelgarten park, with a look to the fortress, then the city center, where their is several places dedicated to Mozart, like his birth place for example, and the Logo street.
After this very long walk we decided to have lunch at 4pm. It the restaurant there was a Japanese girl liking like Miyabi from GTO.
Then we continue the number race by going to the fortress, and that difficult to climb but from there we could see the all city. We have only few numbers left that we could see while going back to the train station so we decided to go for a more far away number that it the Hellbrunn castle. We walked further and further out of the city and finally find an indication that say that the castle is 2.9 km away. After a bit of hesitating and some complains from Sebastien we finally decided to go and see it. The problem is the road is strait and you can't see the end (So funny).
Along the road are very nice houses but we finally made it to the castle. There we walked a bit in the big park, see the castle but couldn't go to the zoo because it was already closed.
We decide to go back, what was scary then was that it's indicated that the city center is 4 km away.
When we arrived there, we tried to find a pub to take some rest but everything was closed of course, we finally ended up waiting for the train to Wien in the train station.

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  1. I didn't complain so much!!! :P
    ... well... actually yes i did a little...

  2. i had been salzburg,i like it, in my memory salzburg very clean and fresh of environment,but i just stayed 1.5day in salzburg,then take train to Munich.

  3. We did the contrary, Munich first then Salzburg, I liked it a lot.