Friday, June 27, 2008

Interrail 2005 : Frankfurt ... and more

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Last day of travel out of France.
We arrived very early in Frankfurt. The walk in the city reminded us that we were in one of the economical main city of Europe : big buildings, big streets. That changes a lot compared to Bremen.
We spend the rest of the morning at the market.
At noon we decided to take the next train to Passau.
OK that's can seems completely loony when you know that we have a train from Strasbourg to go home the next day but here is the plan.
We want to spend our last all night in the train to sleep. But between Frankfurt and Strasbourg their is only few hours so by going in Passau, near to Austria we can have a full night sleep in train.
Isn't it clever !!!
So now, direction Passau.
We were trying to find some places in the train when we meet that ticket collector. That guy told us that our tickets is not valid and that we can either pay or get down of the train. He wasn't very nice so I tell him that we were going down at the next stop. I knew already that 2 hours latter next train will also go to Passau. So we get down, that really made the guy hallucinate !!!
We ended up in Aschaffenburg that we really really didn't know.
We took the chance to visit the city during the 2 hours we had before the next train, drink bier and lemonade in a typical Bavarian Biergarten and walked around the castel. The people there were very nice.
We took our train to Passau which is near the Danube. There we decide to celebrate our last day out of France by eating in a restaurant.

Our train is living at 9.07 pm.
We need to change in Wels (Austria) to take the train from Budapest that will lead us in Strasbourg. That's the famous, Orient-Express, so lucky. I'm really beginning to be a train fan.

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