Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Japan : お台場 and 未来館

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I went back to お台場 (Odaiba) with some friends to visit 未来館 (Japan's National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation or future museum) which we didn't visit previously. We decided to visit the general exposition and to go to the temporary one called "the haunted house" as well.
That wasn't really scary, but I still jumped several time, more of surprise I guess or maybe because the guys were letting me go first. (I'm a warrior.) It was a bit like being in a horror movie and that was really cool. After we could read explanation about why we get afraid of those things.
Then we went upstairs to see the robotic section and we interacted with the robots and took some funny pictures. We saw several demonstrations of what the robots can do, especially Asimo. We also visited the astrophysics part and really enjoy the room simulating the detection of neutrinos.
There was also a part about DNA that I probably need to visit again as I didn't have time to enjoy it as much as I wanted. There is really a lot to do in this museum.
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  1. Kevin LOVED this entry/ pictures!
    He wants to go sooo baaadd!! (and I wanna go too :O! Feed my inner nerd, you know!)
    I'm gonna have to save up for a trip to Japan!