Sunday, March 7, 2010

Peru : Nazca

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After coming back from our Ballestas islands tour, we prepare our stuff to go take the bus to Nazca.
We want to go there to see the famous lines which can only be seen from the sky.
We take a small bus to Pisco which is another city not very far from Paracas and after letting the people in the bus guide us (that will happen more than one during the travel) we end up on the panamerica road again and finally find a bus to Nazca with a exceptional timing.
We arrive in Nazca kind of late but not late enough to miss the next to last plane for the line.
It's a very small plane for six people including the pilot. The pilot is turning around the lines one by one in both senses and that makes me a bit sick to look down at the lines and to be shaken like that.
After our tour of the lines we go back to the city of Nazca and have a look around and some diner before taking our next bus direction Arequipa.
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