Friday, May 7, 2010

Japan : Trip to 日光市, part 1 climbing

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On the week-end of the golden week, we decided to go on a trip to 日光市(Nikko). We had a very early start, hopefully, 5.10 am, lots of things to do, lots of things to see. That was pretty cool to meet in the morning, everybody with sleepy head. I didn't sleep at all as I was too excited. The group of Korean was up to send us of, they didn't sleep yet either. I should really spend more time with them, sometimes polyphasic's night can get a bit lonely. I'm still wondering why people need to sleep that much. Anyway, we took several trains to reach Nikko and then the bus which took us to the mountain. The sky was very clear and the weather a bit cold and getting colder as we went up with the chair lift. We took the chair lift three times to reach the top and then we still had a bit of climbing to do. That was kind of muddy and slippery, but we finally all reached the top alive.
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Yes, yes we had snow.

I so love that pics, I wish someone takes a pics of me like that some days.

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