Saturday, September 11, 2010

Europe tour Interail 2006 : Pécs, back to Hungary

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We then took the train back to Hungary to visit a city called Pécs. This city is the 5th largest city in Hungrary even though the city center is quite small. It is surrounded by fortification. The main square is called Széchenyi Square in the historical center, there we can see the Mosque and the statue of Hunyadi János on horse back. Hunyadi János was the governor of the kingdom of Hungary in the 15th century and voivode of Transylvania. Twelve streets leads to this square. We also walked around the fortification on a pedestrian road.  This city is interesting because you can see the vestige of some medieval constructions.
To get to our next destination we need to first take a train to Gyékényes, at the border with Croatia where the controller decide to make us pay for a reservation or want to have us leave the train at the next stop as we don't have Euros. Hopefully we will find someone to lend us the money.

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