Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Peru : Road to Machu Pichu

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We got up to take the taxi at 4am. It took us to Paradero de paso santiago, where we took our bus. You can take a small van, they are a bit faster but they are more expensive. When we are traveling we tend to try to save money and the travel in the big bus wasn't bad. It took us in the mountain roads to Santa Teresa and they served us some mate de Coca again for the altitude. When we arrived in Santa Teresa we had to wait the van to be full before going, that was the most annoying part as there were two vans half full and we wanted to arrive before the night. We finally left for Hidroelectrica through more mountain roads.
In Hidroelectrica we could have taken the train to Aguas Calientes but we decided to walk along the railway instead. Lots of tourists do that and we were not the only ones. It's a nice walk of 18 kilometers. We also met Peruvian coming back from Aguas Calientes. We arrive in Aguas Calientes by night, people were waiting for tourists along the way to take them to their hotels and once again we find a cheap hotel for the night after buying our tickets for going to visit the Machu Pichu the next day. I was lucky to have the student price, my student card was two days away from expiring.

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