Thursday, March 18, 2010

Peru : Machu Pichu

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We got up at 4am again. We really wanted to arrive at the Machu Pichu as soon as it got open to be able to have the ticket they give only to 400 persons a day to go to the Huayna Pichu. We had to climb for two hours to get there and without breakfast I was getting already really tired. We queued to get in and managed to get the ticket.
Inside the view was absolutely amazing. This is not like the usual ruins that you usually see in Europe. The Machu Pichu is a really city. It's absolutely huge. We started to walk around and decided to go to the Inca bridge. That's a little further behind the city. From there we could see the Urubamba river. We were started to lack water so we bought some. It was really expensive. I was getting sick again, no breakfast with anti-malaria medicine didn't match. You need to eat with those things. We were sitting there and waiting to get better and thinking of getting back down. But not going to the Huayna Pichu when we had the tickets was really killing me more than the rest. So we finally decided to go there. That was deadly that was climbing a lot of stairs, hot like hell, with no water, I even had to beg for some when we got down.
But the view there worth it all, but next time I'll go I'll take sandwiches and water.
And we walk back down, that shows how crazy we are. Everytime we are going on holiday we have a day of craziness that pushes the limits of our bodies but that was a must.

I waited for Sebastien while he went to the city to buy some drinks and food. After eating we were feeling a lit better and decided to go all the way back to Hidroelectrica. Then we took a taxi to Santa Teresa where we wanted to get the bus to Ollantaytambo but the bus didn't stop and we arrived in Cuzco at 4am. We went back to the hotel and awake the guy at the entrance . We slept a great deal the next day.

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  1. On the last picture we can see the brdge where we walked (as shown on the previous post).
    And we've done all the way by only walking!!! :D
    It's so good to be completely crazy! XD