Friday, September 10, 2010

Europe tour Interail 2006 : Bosnia and Herzegovina, amazing hospitality

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We left Hungary direction Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The train was pretty scary and noisy and we were asking ourself if it was not going to fall apart but we still arrived safe and sound in Sarajevo.
The city was amazing. It contains Synagogue, Church and Mosque in the same area, some people should really take a chance to learn about diversity taking this country as an example of what can be achieved. There are still traces of the war as they are part of history but that is not the most important.
We stayed there a while, walking around and also watching a match of giant chess.
The only think that annoyed me was to be attacked by flying ants in the main place but I think that's part of the fun. I had never seen that many of them and I'm not a big fan of insects especially when they fly.
We then took the train again to go to Visoko. Visoko is a small village between Sarajevo and Zenica, we wanted to go there to see the pyramids. The fact that they are pyramids is a bit controversial, you can discover more about them here.  In the train people were indicating us where we should go and we met someone from the place who proposed to actually show us a bit around. We ended up spending the evening with him and his family. Bosnia offered us one of the best greeting we had so far during our travel.
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