Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Japan: A day at Izu

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In the middle of September, we spend a long weekend in Shizuoka and a day in Izu to go diving. The day was nice and it's the best season to go diving in that area because the water is warm. 
But the diving was a bit of a nightmare and I won't be using that school again. It took us a long time to go through the refreshing training in the swimming pool during which we had almost no check on what we were doing. I had to dive with a snorkel for the first time, but didn't manage to cross the pool which didn't seem to bother the guy training us. Then he kept on complaining that I couldn't use the buoyancy and was going up too fast in the pool when I only match him ascending as he asked. Then he complained because I filled my buoyancy completely to float when arriving at the top of the pool, as I was supposed to do. When I didn't do it in the sea because I was following his new instruction, he complained again.
My boyfriend had a leak on his bottle and I pointed out to the guy at least 3 times and he completely ignored me. I told him twice that my air was half gone, then when it went to 40, I made him stop and repeated myself several times to have him act. He took my hand and swam back, not caring if my boyfriend was following or not, like just leave your student in the middle of the sea when his bottle is leaking. I was so pissed, I couldn't swim alone and I kept on trying to check on my boyfriend. Seriously, that guy was lucky that I don't freak out easily. At the end my bottle was empty when we arrive on the beach and the guy complained that I couldn't swim properly.
So yeah, the fishes were nice, but damn, I can't stand the instructor. If I go deep under the sea, I at least want to feel safe. 
Anyway, after the dive while he was taking other people to dive, we had some times to take some pictures.
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