Friday, January 6, 2017

Imperial palace or doll hunt, you choose! (with video)

Imperial Palace

Here is the video cut from Vlog #59 with only the part about the imperial palace for those of you out there who are not that much into doll shopping or want to share the Tokyo's imperial palace with people who are not into dolls. I also edited out the music. I hope you'll like it.

Doll Hunt  
 (Lapis Lazuli Yuzuha limited ver.)
Here is the part of Vlog #59 that is all about doll. This video contains not only the doll part of Vlog #59 but also pictures taken at the azone store and pictures of Yuzuha Lapis Lazuli limited version's box opening. I'm really glad that she was still at the store otherwise I would probably have given up on finding her any time soon. I just need to get her not limited counterpart now. She is really pretty, even more in person from close up than at the store or on the official picture. If I ever find the other Yuzuha that would be my second Sahra's a la mode complete series.

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