Thursday, January 16, 2014

Japan, Okinawa: Christmas dive and ear pain

The next day, we went boat diving. We drove about one hour north to Onna Village and prepared to take the boat early morning. The boat took us to the first diving place. First our instructor made us do some puzzle in the boat and timed us: my time 40 seconds. 
We were diving at 30 meters deep so there was a possibility of nitrox narcosis which is like being drunk and makes you slower an imper your judgement. I started to have a lot of pain in my ear while going down so I had to go down very very slowly which didn't help much and I was forcing my ear to equalize. 
Then the pain disappeared and we reached 30.8 meters and we did the puzzle again: my time 30 seconds. Later the instructor asked me if I'm a fish. We also had a color chart which showed us how the colors are absorbed under water when you go that deep, yellow and green disappear first and in the end only violet remain. It's kind of interesting. 
We then started to go up and my ear was really painful again. When we reached the boat I had blood and mucus everywhere in my mask and blood was coming out of my nose as well and I was in real pain. We waited a little bit then decided to stop the diving for the day. I was feeling a bit bad because we were supposed to have three dives at the place and to have a night dive later. This was the first diving of our advance course and some people diving with us had seen turtles and sharks there. 
We took a shower and went back to the hotel where I spent the rest of the day sleeping. I wasn't really feeling better when I woke up so we decided to stop the diving for a while and to go sight-seeing for the next few days. I was is such a pain that I didn't even took pictures of the diving site that day. Travel table of content
Sunabe wall seen from the hotel
Christmas cake!
We had ramen once again.
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