Monday, October 4, 2010

Europe tour Interail 2006 : Stockholm, capital of Sweden

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When we arrived in Stockholm, we started to figure out a way to go to Narvik in the north of Norway. The first plan was to take the train and cross all Sweden from south to north to get there. However, the only train that go there was not included in the interail pass. We found the alternative to cross to Finland with a boat and to go up Finland instead, taking the boat half price with the interail pass was much cheaper than to pay full price for the train.
We then walked in Drottninggatan, a famous shopping street leading to  Gamla Stan (the old town). Having stand hours working on a Swedish textbook where the action was taking place in Gamla Stan I felt a bit home when we get there. We saw the parliament and the Royal palace Kungliga Slottet, in Yttre Borggården, we watch the change of the guard under the rain. The guards were on horses back and playing music, that was more impressive than in Oslo. We then start looking for the rune stones, I knew they were some from the textbook. I still think we were lucky to find it. We walked south to Södermalm and the big avenue Stadsgårdsleden near the water to go to Vikingterminalen to take the ferry. From the boat we can see the other islands and the Gröna Lunds Tivoli park. We will spend an other day in Stockholm when coming back from Finland.
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