Tuesday, October 5, 2010

戀愛地圖 / アバウト・ラブ / 関於愛 (about love)

En français

戀愛地圖 / アバウト・ラブ / 関於愛 is a Taiwanese and Japanese movie from 2005 in three parts, telling three different love stories.
The first story takes place in Tokyo. The road of a Taiwanese student crossed the road of a Japanese painter, he decides to let drawings on her window.
The second story takes place in Taipei. A Taiwanese girl is building a bookshelves in the middle of the night, she call a Japanese guy she met at a bar to her her make it stand up.
The third story takes place in Shanghai. A Japanese student arrives to live with a Chinese shop owner and her daughter. He is waiting for a letter from his girl friend. The girl is trying to understand Japanese.

This movie describes with simplicity the relationship between people avoiding the cultural barrier between people from different country to only care about the individual for who they are. Another dimension is added by the fact that the characters are trying to understand each other even though they don't speak perfectly the other language.  In each case one of the character is broken hearted front the previous relationship. This movie shows how people can come back to see the blue sky.

Casting :

陳柏霖 as Yao
范曉萱 as A-Su
伊東 美咲 as Michiko
加瀬 亮 as Tecchan
李小璐 as Yun
塚本高史 as Shuhei
市川 由衣 as Yuka

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