Thursday, April 10, 2008

Interrail 2005 : Bern, Luzerne, Zurich

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From Lausanne, we phoned one of my friend living in Bern. I met her when I was Au-pair in Berlin during a summer few year ago as she was taking care of the Au-pair club.
As we were sleeping a bit far of the train station we had to get up at 4.30 am to be sure not to miss the 6.45 am train. The night wasn't very comfortable and rather cold, and the start of this new day as pretty sportive. After an nice and comfortable one hours trip in train during which we write our first postcards, Helga and her husband were waiting for us in the train station.
They first bring us to their house for a German breakfast and shower before driving us around the city. The visit of the city begin with the Kirchenfelddbrücke bridge, which give good chance for beautiful picture, then we heading to the old city center, some street are board with corridor that can either protect you from the sun nor the rain. We could admired the Astronomic clock, the cathedral and Einstein museum. Then we went to see the symbol of the town, Bärengraben. In fact inside two huge hole live severals impressing bears, near there is a free museum that marionette show telling the story of Bern. Then we when down to the river with astonish blue water. After seeing the parliament and a giant chess game we went back to Helga's place for lunch.
As the biggest part of the town was visited we choose to continue our trip by going in some more city. Luzerne and Zurich.
After one more hour train we arrive in Luzerne which is a nice town with a lake and mountains we still can admire nice landscape. We stayed there two hours, walking in the city center and seeing the Kapellbrücke old bridge, with a painting on the ceiling every meters. Then we spend a short time in Zurich going to see the lake and taking picture of the bears in the street.
Next destination München, change at Salzbourg at 5 am.

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  1. Ur travels look cool! I told u I would remember to vote! Thanks again to u and Seb for organising dinner yest, I really enjoyed it! Hav a nice day in the Bates, Andrea.

  2. Thanks for voting. I really enjoye the dinner too, that was great, we really need to do that again. Maybe when you come back from Barcelona.

  3. You take the most beautiful photos. Makes me want to go to these places.

  4. You should go, Switzerland is very beautiful