Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Interrail 2005 : Lausanne

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After leaving Rennes (France) in the evening of Friday 1st July, we a arrived in Strasbourg
(France) early morning. As the travel in your own country isn't include in the interrail pass that's where you began to use it.
Our first destination is Lausanne (Switzerland).
Switzerland is surrounded by mountain and lake, it looks like a postcard. We arrived in Lausanne by the end of the morning, and here we realized that our bags are pretty heavy. We first go to the Leman lake to eat sandwiches. We can see Evian (France) on the opposite site of the lake. Then we go to visite the city, along the lake, and the traditional swiss shops. We also visited the Olympic museum. At the end of the day we decide to go to bath in the lake a bit. As the only camping is to far away from the train station, and that we are a bit lazy, we decide to sleep on the beach. That night was a bit cold. Next destination Bern, departure 6.45 am.

here you can find a link to this post and some other links in relation with travel and city description.

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