Sunday, April 11, 2010

America : Sunny day in Chicago

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So here is my last day in Chicago. I went back to the John Hancock Building for two reasons. The first was to take pictures of the city from above during the day. The second was to verify something. And yes, after verification, the best view in the all building is in the lady toilet, sorry about that guys.
That was a pretty hot day and I walked a lot again, must love walking.
I also went to see the bean and did some interesting pictures of it. I like the light effect on the curved mirror. Maybe that's a physicist thing but I was trying to see how my own image was moving on the surface as I walk around and under. I spend quite a lot of time there, that was fun.
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  1. Woaaah! I must go to Chicago one day. I probably won't be intrigued by the mirror effect of the light and stuff, but it looks so cool.

    They must have people cleaning it everyday!