Friday, October 29, 2010

America : Konza Prairie

En français 
One Sunday in September, when I was still in Kansas we had a barbecue in a park and then decided to go take a walk in Konza Prairie. Konza Prairie is a biological station for the preservation of Kansas natural wild life such as tall grass. The Prairie offers beautiful scenery and trail to go up the hills allowing to see the all area around. We find some interesting mushrooms and met the local faun, butterflies and deers.We went there in the evening so we could observe the sunset.
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  1. Thanks for sharing your hike on the Konza. I love hiking Konza's trails.

  2. Et, j'aime bien que vous faites cela en francais. Merci bien!

  3. Hi, Linda. Saw your pic of a viceroy butterfly on Konza Prairie. Can you tell me the exact date in September?

  4. Thanks guys.

    It was on the 19th of September.

  5. Dear Linda- I love your pics of the sunset. Love love looovee it!