Saturday, May 9, 2015

Japan: Akihabara's Owl Cafe

I was thrilled when I learned that there was an Owl Cafe opening in London. I told my friends there that they had to go. See the irony? I didn't know there actually was an Owl cafe in Japan. But obviously that changed.
"What is an Owl cafe?" you asked. Well that's like a cat cafe, with Owls in stead of cats. Not helping? Let me reformulate then, it's a cafe where you can go to pet Owl. Yes, Owl, the birdy, like the one in the Harry Potter movies. 
So obviously I went to the Owl cafe. You have to register in advance though because it's for limited amount of people and then you can go to play with the Owl for one hour. They give you a drink and a picture for 1500 yen. It totally worth it. 
First upon arriving ten minutes before your set time, you read through a little book about Owl and Owl as a pet and how to behave with Owl. Then you just have to play. They have a lot of different type of Owl as you'll see on the picture.

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  1. This cafe has a website? How to sign up for a visit? And where exactly is the cafe (exact address) ? Thank you!

  2. Yes, they have a website, here:
    You need to book it before going because the places are limited.
    The address is: 67 kanda Neribeicho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 101-0022