Saturday, May 9, 2015

Azone doll: Lipu explore my Room

Hello and welcome to a new Azone doll post. Today Lipu is discovering my room. When you are this small, it's really easy to fit every where. Most of my shelves wouldn't have space for another pullip but Lipu is easier to fit. So I took pictures of her all around.
I really wished I had a bigger flat to take a lot more interesting pictures but I just need to be a little patient and this should happen soon. Then Lipu will have another exploration. 

What you want to take pictures of me again? 
 Ok but only if I can also go to internet!
 Hello mister Polish duck! (I got this duck in Poland from the famous painter Mariusz Otta!)
 Lipu is a library girl so here she is with some of the books which haven't been packed yet.
 Now, if you wanted to see how she fits with the others, here you go, super tiny. Even not reaching the size of Sakura Miku when she is sitting.
 "I'm too small!!"
 Hello teddy bear!
Hello mister Moose. This Moose's name is Alf, he comes from Sweden (Lund and he is super good at physics because he took an intensive program about atomic physics.

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