Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Eve in Yokohama

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I went to spend New Year's Eve with some friends in Yokohama. There is a attraction park there and we wanted to see the count down.
We left Chofu in the afternoon. We first walk near the lake before going to have diner in China Town. It's nice to visit China Town with Chinese people because they can explain you stuff that you wouldn't know if you were alone. Also that's a good way for me to improve my Chinese.
Then we tried to go to the rainbow bridge but after not knowing the way then kind of finding it, we discovered that it was kind of far to actually get there and we went to the attraction park. We tried several games. I just went to the roller coaster that was my friend's first time and he still found it a bit short, for me there is nothing like ええじゃないか. Some did Dance Dance Revolution and ended up with a crowed looking at then, too awesome. We then went to look at the count down on the big wheel followed by fireworks.
All in all that was a very different New Year's Eve than the usual meal we have in France, but I didn't loose anything in the change. I started the new year with people a really like and that was really the funniest and most exciting new year I have ever had.
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PS : Unfortunately my camera's battery died before the end of the evening.

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