Sunday, January 2, 2011

NaNoFiMo Epic Fail

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I think it was meant to happen at some point. I mean me failing a writing contest. The goal of this one was to finish two novels by writing 50000 words.
The achievement is that I finished one novel and wrote 1934 words.

Basically I spend my all time working on "Demon and Fairy" and didn't even bother to add one single word forward to Viorel's adventure.
So yes this is kind of epic as I always managed to pass the word count usually.
I'm not going to make excuses for it. I can't stand people making excuses about... like... anything so I'm not entering myself in this category. I failed I know it and I'm taking the consequences for it. (or lack of consequences in this case, kinda :P)  I'm simply telling that this month I didn't feel like writing. I had enough. Of course I want to finish the story. But that will take some time.

That doesn't mean that I want to stop being a writer, that just mean that I needed time to breath. I mean even Viorel is breathing, right? So why should I rush everything. I wrote almost all year and collected the writing contest win.

So what did I do last month instead? Because I didn't even write this blog properly as I usually do. Well I looked at the world with new eyes and I liked what I saw... I gave myself some time to dream and to think things through and I'm not completely finished with that.

Now the plan for the writing will not be JanNoFiMo as expected but to work slowly on "Vampire heart" and to prepare Attic Mirror for the print.

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