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Europe tour Interail 2006 : Bratislava and Brno

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We arrive in Bratislava at 6 am, and check the time table to go to Brno in the afternoon. We start to walk in the city waking up discovering Prezidentský Palác (the presidential palace), streets and Churches (Kostol Trinitárov). We also walk to the tower, Michalská Brána, which has been built in the 13th century and was used as the watch tower of the city fortification. Bratislava has the particularity to be the only capital in Europe close to the border. It is even more significant as it is at the border of two countries, Hungary and Austria.
Bratislava  also has a lot of bronze statues in the street, watching over the city, Cumil the watcher, the French army soldier, the paparazzi...
We also went to see Bratislavký Hrad the Bratislava castle to allow ourselves a good view of the city. The castle hill site has been inhabited since the period of transition between the stone and bronze ages. We could also see the modern Nový bridge with a flying saucer at the top that made me think about Goldorak.

We took our train to Brno in Czech Republic in the afternoon. Brno is the main city of Moravia a region which takes it's name from the Moravia river running in the North. We walk around Špilberk Hrad castle and have a nice view of the city. We can see the differences between the Bohemian part of the country (České Budějovice) and the Moravian part. We then leave the city for further adventures.
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