Wednesday, February 22, 2012

北海道の雪祭り (Snow festivals in Hokkaido) : 旭川の雪祭り 雪

En français
The largest street in 旭川 was really filled with snow. I took it to go to the park where was held the second part of the 雪祭り。The snow sculptures were situated near the river. The first one was the largest stage of all, largest than the stage in 札幌 and was representing the transformers. The other sculptures were smaller and place in front of the restaurant so that you could look at them while eating. On the other side there was a Ice Village which was a large igloo with an ice bar.
Travel table of content  
Largest street filled with snow
The park
Part of the park
Transformer building
Snow sculptures and トトロ
Snow sculpture
Ice Village

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