Friday, October 1, 2010

Europe tour Interail 2006 : Bergen, the first fjords

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We arrived in Bergen early in the morning. Bergen's old quay street, Bryggen, is classified as world heritage by the UNESCO. We first went to the fish market, at the harbor. You can see all kind of fishes that just coming fresh from the sea and people are also preparing them so you can directly get a snack. We tried a salmon sandwich and that was delicious. We then went hiking in the mountains around Bergen. We could have taken the funicular but walking makes you deserve the view you are going to see when you reach the top, exercising is healthy and there are all those little things that you see that you wouldn't have seen speeding to to top. We arrived in Fløyen at 320m of altitude. From the top we could see all Bergen and the fjords Vågen, Puddefjorden, Byfjorden and others. We took a walk in the mountains to a refuge called Åsebu and meet sheep on the road. We then walk back down to the city and walked along Bryggen. We went to see the fortifications and walk around the lake discovering the fountain "Lille Lungegårdsvann" in the middle.
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