Friday, December 17, 2010

Japan : Trip to Kansai introduction

En français
From the 19 of November until the 23rd, I have been visiting Kansai with friends. They went few days earlier and we took the bus on the Friday night to join them in Osaka. We had a lot of problems to find our bus. Things can get pretty hard when you can't read basic information and don't even know where to read them but with some help it all turn out fine and we managed to get on this exciting travel to discover another side of Japan. It took us the entire night to travel between Tokyo and Osaka and we met the others at the hotel in the morning. Then we had time for shower and breakfast before leaving for our first day of discovery. In this new series of posts I will show you our activities in Osaka, Nara and Kyoto.
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  1. Can't wait for your new post!^^

  2. I'll try to have one tomorrow.
    How have you been ?

  3. Not too bad, still busy at translation! How about you? Everything goes well?

  4. I'm good. I think I have to tell you stuff in a longer email. Lots of things changed but that's all good.