Thursday, March 11, 2010

Peru : Colca Canyon

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We left for the Colca Canyon, the tallest and largest Canyon in the world, in the middle of the night. A taxi came to pick us up at our host place and took us to the bus station. The bus was taking us high in the mountain and they served us some Mate de Coca, which is good against altitude sickness.
We arrived in the Canyon in the morning and stopped at the Cruz del Condor where we managed to see some of them fly in the sky. To see them you need to arrive early because they only fly at particular hours of the day.
We then decided to walk further to village of Cabanaconde, but the high, heat and lack of water started to be hard to bear and we finally took a bus that was passing on the road. Shaking in the bus got me sick again, that and the anti malaria medicine.
When we arrived on the place of the village, a old woman seeing that I wasn't feeling well at all came to make me a head massage that made me feel a lot better.
We took a look around on the hiking pathway and took the bus back to Arequipa. We should have been staying a bit longer in the Canyon as there was a lot more to see.

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