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이 죽일놈의 사랑 A love to kill

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이 죽일놈의 사랑  (A love to kill ) is a Korean drama in 16 episodes from 2005.

Kang Bok Gu finds his brother Kang Min-gu back after ten years of separation. He had been looking for him everywhere.
On the day of celebration, seeing on TV that his former girlfriend, Cha Eun Suk, an actress, he is still in love with is getting engaged, Min-gu falls from the roof and become a vegetable. Kang Bok Gu is going to go look for her and will become her bodyguard in order to take revenge but that is not that simple and they will fall in love.
Casting :

정지훈  (Rain 비, Jeong Ji-hun 鄭智薰) as Kang Bok Ku (Speed Racer,태양을 피하는 방법
, With U)
신 민아 (Shin Min-a, 新 慜娥) as Cha Eun Suk
Lee Ki Woo as Kim Jun Sung
김 사랑 (Kim Sa Rang, 金 사랑) as Han Da Jung

I really love this drama, especially the music and 비. That's a really sad story. I made the plush that  Cha Eun Suk  has in the drama and it become the mascot of this blog.
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