Friday, May 16, 2008

Interrail 2005 : Berlin, Postdam

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We were very happy of our stay in Praha and that made us want to visit more of the eastern Europe countries.
As we were in the train to Berlin and supposed to arrive in few hours the Birkners, the family where I was au-pair few years ago didn't know yet that we were coming. My telephone can only phone to France and to the country where I am. So I phoned them as soon as we crossed the border. The parents weren't their but Thea told me that it was OK if we could manage to go from the train station to their house. The train station where we arrived was of course in the opposite part of the city and we arrived in Berlin in the middle of the night. The time to take the S-bahn to Zoologisher Garden then the U-bahn at Kürfursterdamm then get a bit lost (after three yeard that pretty normal) we finally arrived at 1 o'clock (not so bad). We spend time talking about the three last years and the first part of trip then went to bed. It worths noticing that it was our first night in a real bed since the beginning of the trip.
The next morning we had breakfast with the family then we plan our visits for the three next days and decided to spend the first in Potsdam in the south-est of Berlin. So we took the S-bahn again to spend the afternoon there.
That's a very calm place with lots of parks around the big lake. We walk again a lot of kilometers around the Sanssouci castle and the center of Postdam.
When we arrived in the flat, everybody was gone so we ate while watching Ghost on TV. They arrived latter with more guest from America.

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