Saturday, October 9, 2010

Europe tour Interail 2006 : Narvik

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We took the bus to Narvik at 7.40 am. The landscape on the road is really beautiful, we can see the mountains with snow at the top and I even got a glance at some mooses on the side of the road. When we arrived in Narvik we first find a hostel for the night as our next bus will be at 10.50 am the next morning. That will be the most luxurious night of the trip. We then went for a walk in the city and started to be disappointed as we were expecting to be able to walk in the mountains. We had a picnic under the rain before starting to walk again. And we finally found a pedestrian road allowing us to go walk in the mountains. We decided to take the longer path marked 8 kilometers. We arrived at the top to find a little house and a lake of drinkable water, the clouds were below us. We also found that the path was not turning back and we had to walk 8 more kilometers to go back to the city. We weren't scared that it was going to be late because at that time of the year on this latitude, it's sunny during the night. We walked back to the hostel and arrived really tired. We were sharing the room with a couple from Switzerland, a Japanese girl and a very excited Korean girl with who we end up talking about cinema. We had one of the best night of the trip, for that we were in beds and we were really tired.
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