Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Europe tour Interail 2006 : Back from Narvik

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We got up at 8am to go take the train at 10.50 am for Luleå. When we arrived in the city center, we noticed that a thick cloud was hiding the mountains. We were really lucky to have arrived the previous day. The first plan is to go take the train in Kemi. We arrived in Luleå at 6.15pm and then we took the bus going to Haaparanta. Haaparanta is at the border with Sweden, when we arrived there we realized that there is not trains for the evening and the station will close soon and we can't stay in. We decided to start walking to Finland and to try some hitchhiking. A few minutes later we were crossing the border on foot. That felt a bit strange, a bit like realizing that you really are traveling in a foreign country, a bit like knowing that all those trains you have been taken really took you somewhere in your sleep.
We soon fine someone to take us in his car. At first he was going to take us to Kemi but we realized that we would be really late in Kuopio. Hopefully as he was going to Vassa on the west coast, he took us all the way to Oulu. As there are not trains early morning we took a little bit of sleep, before continuing to other adventures.
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