Wednesday, February 15, 2012

北海道の雪祭り (Snow festivals in Hokkaido) : 札幌の大通

After checking at the hotel when I arrived in 札幌 I went directly to the main attraction in the city which was the 雪祭り on 大通。On the way, I met some igloo which could be visited, people were lighting up candles inside. I then reached 大通 and the first view was a huge street aquarium sculpture or more exactly a sculpture of the submarine life. It was illuminated and absolutely amazing. I then walked along the street to see the other snow sculptures. Several of them were in fact stage where people were playing games or singing. I had a ラーメン before continuing to すすきの。
Under the sea
Mickey Mouse
Largest Ice sculpture
A snow building
Snow castle
Hippo in love
One piece
Happy penguin
Ice sculpture in 大通

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