Monday, October 18, 2010

Europe tour Interail 2006 : Helsinki

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We arrive at Helsingin päärautatieasema, Helsinki's central railway station in the morning. This station is particular as it has a clock tower and giant statues holding the lamps at the entrance. We started by going to the harbor to buy our ferry ticket to go back to Stockholm in the end of the afternoon. Then we visited the city. We visit the market and a Lutheran church called Temppeliaukion kirkko in the Töölö neighborhood. It's shape is really strange as it is round and half in the ground, it basically look like a landed flying saucer. We then walk around the lake Töölönhti, we walk back to the market center and see Helsingin Tuomiokirkko, Helsinki Cathedral. When we take the ferry in the afternoon we can see a lot of little islands around. The next day we will be back in Stockholm.
Europe tour Interail 2006 : Introduction 
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