Monday, January 3, 2011

Japan : 猪苗代スキー場

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I went to 猪苗代スキー場 with some friends to ski. That was really awesome. We left Chofu at 9.30 pm to go take the bus for 猪苗代スキー場 from Shinjuku. We arrived at the station at 6.40 am as planed. The night in the bus wasn't really comfortable and we arrived all tired but still excited enough to dress up for our day of sky. We first started to practice a bit near the station to warm up and then some went to take a class and I went with the snowboarders take the chairlift to the submit of the first green piste. Then we went higher and higher, almost to the top and I tried my first red piste. I find it pretty amazing knowing that it was the second time I was skying in my life and that the first one was 17 years ago. I really enjoyed myself and had the pleasure to hear my ski partner said he was lucky to have teamed with me as I was able to go at the top of the mountain.
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