Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Germany : Dresden by day time

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We spend the all Sunday wandering in the city center of Dresden. Here we can see pictures of the old city.
The first picture shows the Russian Orthodox church, it was on the way from the Institute towards the city center.
The Frauenkirch was destroyed during the war and rebuilt using the old stone, the black one exactly at the same place. The new one have a yellowish color.
On the wall we could see the representation and names of Saxon kings. Some had really funny names. After we can see a picture of the Opera then the inside garden of some wedding present.
The two last pictures show the old city and the Elbe river.

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  1. are you travrlling dresden again?

  2. No that pictures from last month.
    But I'm going to Heiselberg on the 18th.

  3. maybe we have the same interest...