Thursday, October 7, 2010

Europe tour Interail 2006 : Going to Narvik

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We arrived in Kemi still in Finland at 6 am the next day. We were supposed to take the bus at 9.30 am to Haaparanta in Sweden but we missed it as we didn't realized that the time table and the bus stop were not at the same place. We were not the only one and I managed to find the bus stop so that we could get the next bus at 11.15 am. We had to help the driver to take the post out before going on the trip. He was just talking Finnish to us as if we could understand it and that was pretty funny. We arrived in Haaparanta one hour later. It's a city just at the border between Finland and Sweden. We took a second bus going to Luleå then another one to go to Boden. We took the time to walk a bit around the cities while waiting for the bus, seeing more lakes. Then we took the train to Kiruna. While in the train we will cross the imaginary line called the Arctic Circle which is pretty cool, we have never been that close to the North Pole. In Kiruna as the other are trying to get to hostel, we decide to camp in the train station. The automatic doors closed around 9pm and we are kind of stuck inside but I could still open the windows to let inside 2 Hungarians who didn't find any place in hostels because everything was full. A guardian will come in the middle of the night, after explaining to him that we are waiting for the train early in the next morning he decided to let us finish our night on the bench.
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