Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ireland : Dunluce castle

Few days ago I discovered forgotten files from even before this blog started. So I decided to include them for few travel posts. 

When I first arrived in Ireland, we had a trip to Dunluce castle. It's not exactly a castle anymore but only ruins as it has never being reconstructed. Personally, I love ruins better than castles transformed into museum with little left like how it was when real people actually lived there.
Dunluce castle was build on the edge of the cliff. The duchess Catherine Manners really hated the sound of the sea, which probably somehow freaked her out. She was used to live in London with her first husband. One night of storm, the North wall of kitchen fell of in the sea taking several servant with it. She refused to live on the rock ever again and they build a special house for her on the mainland.
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