Saturday, November 1, 2008

Germany : Artistic Dresden

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A long long time since the last post, nearly one month, I'm so bad. But I have been a bit busy recently and that's not gonna go better, I apologize for that.
Here are some pictures of the artistic part of Dresden. I find it very interesting.
I like the elephant fountain a lot. For some reasons there were a lots of elephants in Dresden. I also like the animals wall because I really like giraffes. The last picture shows one of the reasons why we can wish for rain. if you're looking for some others watch 늑대의 유혹 or 初雪の恋 (첫눈).

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  1. O.O Those buildings are so cool and the elephant fountain was cute.
    Where is Dresden located?

  2. Dresden is a city in the east of Germany in the region called Saxony.